Thor renews its offshore fleet


P/F THOR has made an agreeement to build new 'seismic support' ships which will be working in connection with oil exploration. The agreement is built on a long term charter with the seismic company PGS.

The ships have been designed by Skipteknisk in Ålesund in close collaboration with THOR. They are specially equipped for servicing of the seismic ships and are equipped with the latest technology. The ships will also be built to be able to supply in all ocean areas. The ships wil l be 64 m long and 14.5 m wide.

An agreement has been made for a total of 8 ships (4 +4) so that when the first 4 ships are started the first will be delivered in August 2014 and the next 3 at 3 months intervals thereafter. The company then has an option of 4 more ships for delivery in 2015 and 2016. The ships will be built at Besiktas shipyard in Turkey.

This is the biggest agreement that THOR has ever made and is very pleased with the good cooperation that we have with the seismic company PGS. Attached is the news release from PGS about the new agreements.