• Mr. Mads Helleberg Dorff, Alfred Joensen, Ambassador Furuya, Per Gulklett and Sue Philbrow
  • Ambassador Furuya and Per Gulklett outside the office

Canadian Ambassador Ms Emi Furuya visits Thor


On 29 August 2018 we had the privilege of welcoming to our office the Canadian Ambassador to Denmark, Ms Emi Furuya, and Mr Mads Helleberg Dorff, from the Embassy’s political dept.

We were able to give a brief presentation of our company, past present and future. We showed her a short film of our Seismic support vessel M/V Thor Magni, which is at present working off Canada, together with PGS’ seismic vessel M/V Ramform Hyperion. This is our third season working in Canada and hopefully we will be able to continue in the future seasons.