Mission and vision

Our mission:

Operating ships within the seismic and the offshore wind turbine industry. Provide reliable services in both industries and be among the best on the market; by being a trustworthy and law-abiding partner, providing a safe and reliable Worldwide service.

Our vision:

To be among the safest and most reliable offshore companies providing specialized services to our customers.

Our HSEQ system is built on the pillars of the ISM Code, MLC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001


  • acknowledges the importance of creating an innovative, trustworthy and creative Company, which is exciting and progressive to work for.
  • wants to maintain its operations on an HSEQ level, which is always among the best in the market and in accordance with the international Codes and standardisation systems.
  • is committed to carry out good HSEQ responsible work in accordance with the wishes and interests of our customers.
  • will always comply with national and international regulations and guidelines and work in accordance with "good practises".
  • will continuously evaluate and improve our HSEQ System and form better frameworks for setting goals and describing how objectives are met.
  • will protect and uphold the reputation, interests and brand of the Company.


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