P/F THOR works to ensureĀ  safety at sea, prevent human injury and loss of human life; prevent damage to property and harm to the environment.

P/F THOR acknowledges the importance of creating an innovative, trustworthy and creative company, which is exciting and progressive to work for.

P/F THOR wants to maintain its operations on an HSEQ level, which is always among the best in the market and in accordance with the international codes and standardisation systems.

P/F THOR is committed to carry out good HSEQ responsible work in accordance with the wishes and interests of our customers.

To fulfil this

  • We want to create a working environment where there are no accidents, and no negative short or long-term effects on our employees, clients, guests and environment.
  • The company will always comply with national and international regulations and guidelines and work according to "good practices".
  • All employees and contractors have an obligation and authority to STOP work whenever they consider it unsafe.
  • We have a determination to carry out work of high quality and to maintain a constant improvement of the company's services, submitting ideas for implementing improvements and modifications.
  • Customers should always be kept in close touch with us by regular visits and customer care.
  • We will continuously evaluate and improve our HSEQ system and form better frameworks for setting goals and describing how objectives are met.
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