Well-equipped escort/support vessels
M/V Thor Freyja
M/V Thor Frigg
M/V Thor Modi
M/V Thor Magni
M/V Thor Omega
M/V Thor Alpha
VOS Shine
Thor operates ships within the off-shore oil industry, specialising in support to the marine seismic acquisition sector; on a level which is among the best on the market.

Thor works to ensure safety at sea, prevent human injury and loss of human life and prevent damage to property.
We acknowledge the importance of creating an innovative, trustworthy and creative company, which is exciting and progressive to work for.

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Thor was established 10 August 1994. In the past the company was mainly active in the fishing industry operating gillnetters/longliners. However since 1997 it has become increasingly active in supplying escort/guard/support vessels for the off-shore oil industry and cable/pipe-laying operations and has gained a lot of its expertise and experience by working for some of the world's largest seismic companies.

Thor Ltd is an experienced company that you can rely on for work around the Faroe Islands and all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact us whatever your requirements are.

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